1. What is financial planning?
  2. Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Life goals can include buying a house, saving for your child’s higher education or planning for retirement. TheFinancial Planning Process consists of six steps that help you take a ‘big picture’ look at where you are currently. Using these six steps, you can work out where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach your goals. The process involves gathering relevant financial information, setting life goals, examining your current financial status and coming up with a strategy or plan for how you can meet your goals given your current situation and future plans.

It might involve putting appropriate wills in place to protect your family, thinking about how your family will manage without your income should you fall ill or die prematurely, spending money differently, but it involves thinking about all of these things together i.e. your ‘plan’. You can build a plan on your own, or if your needs are more complex you might want the help of a Financial Planner.

Create a sound financial plan in six steps

  1. Establish your goals in life – short, medium and long term
  2. Work out what assets and liabilities you have – write them down
  3. Evaluate your current financial position – how close are you to achieving your goals?
  4. Develop your plan – create a “route map” for achieving your different goals
  5. Implement your plan – make the changes and make it happen
  6. Monitor and review your plan at least yearly and make adjustments when needed


  1. I have already lost my capital in equity market. What are the other investment instruments you can offer?
  2. There are avenues which ensure capital protection and lower returns. Also, there are avenues, like equity, with no capital protection but with a potential to deliver better returns. The avenues which we offer are basically in conjunction with your needs, prioritized life goals, time horizon of for life goals, your risk profile, liquidity requirements etc. Thus we need to get an answer to these questions to advise you proper investment avenue suitable to you.
  3. Who will take care of my investments?
  4. We have two types of reviews. One is review of Investment Portfolio after the Financial Plan is implemented with us and the other is the review for the Financial Plan. The investment portfolio reports are mailed to clients every quarter. The Client also welcome to speak or consult us at all times.

We review your ‘Financial Plan’ on yearly basis, so that we can see whether your plan & investments are performing according to the recommendations we had given to you

  1. I have no any knowledge of financial instruments, I want to start investing but I am afraid of taking risk.
  2. When you have a disease you have no idea about it because you may not have not studied medicine, hence you approach a qualified doctor. Similarly we are experts in personal finance and we understand our clients may or may not have finance background. We ensure you that as professionals we adopt a systematic and step by step approach toward planning your life’s financial goals and objectives. You could trust qualified professionals like CFP Certificants who would be in a better position to give you unbiased advice.
  3. How you can help me save my Taxes?
  4. We have qualified professionals‘Certified Financial Planners’etc. who would guide you with the tax saving aspect also. Only after understanding your current income and expense details, we can recommend you sound tax planning strategies that would not only help you save your current taxes but also help you plan in advance to save future taxes. Thus, effective ‘Tax Planning’ is a part of Financial Planning process.
  5. I already have a financial plan in place; will your services be of any help?
  6. If you have got your plan done from another qualified financial planner, then no. We would suggest you to continue your relationship with him / her. But if you have done it on your own… let’s talk!

We know that you are already a financial professional and may know many things and be aware of what is right and wrong. But ‘knowing’ is different from ‘doing’. And ‘doing’ is different is “Doing it consistently & effectively”. That’s where we come into picture and guide you to lead a disciplined financial life, fulfill your goals and get peace of mind.

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