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  • Concept of Mutual Fund
  • Genesis
  • History of MFs in India
  • Pros & Cons of Investing in MF
  • Mutual Fund v/s Other Investment Avenues
  • Organisation of Mutual fund in India
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Types of MFs
  • Mutual Fund Snapshot
  • Risk v/s Reward while Investing in MFs
  • Documents Required for Investing in Mutual Funds[Transacton Related Procedure
  • Documents Required for Investing in Mutual Funds[Procedure related to Change Request

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We provide you non-discretionary mutual fund online services with solid way to invest. In this program you can closely work with us. You may aces from any part of the world. You can easily look at the different features of mutual funds and this will help you to understand an asset allocation model those you are comfortable with.
You may have built their portfolio a mix of ELSS plans, equity funds and debt funds from five to six fund houses made primarily through agents. They help you fill the separate application forms for each distinct AMC and submit the same to the concerned Mutual Funds office. Keeping track of the paperwork for all these investments can be an onerous task. Besides, all mutual fund houses allow investors to view their accounts online, but one needs to log on to individual sites to do this. So, what’s the alternative?
Wouldn’t it be convenient if one could consolidate all mutual fund holdings in one account?
Indeed Yes, this is possible through
We review of your existing mutual fund portfolio, if any, we help you to design a customized Mutual Fund (MF) investment portfolio based on your Goals & Risk profile. Based on your investment objectives, amount of investment, mode of investment, goals and special requirements we make your investment plan. This will include details of the MF schemes, recommended amount & mode of investment and performance history of the recommended funds.
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Whatever be your investment query, our expert financial advisors are here for you. We offer objective financial advice that focuses on picking the right investment for you.

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We have authorized distributor of Mutual Funds with AMFI. We have tied-up with FundsIndia who has empanelled with 41 Mutual Fund companies in India, 36 banks and 8 corporate houses for deposits. Our best-in-class online safety tools ensure that all your transactions are carried out in a reliable and secure manner.

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Set up SIPs within a few minutes, set investment triggers to track your investments, get access to flexible SIPs and transact in mutual funds with just a few clicks.

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Track and maintain all your family’s investments under one user ID. With FundsIndia, you can start investing early for your li’l ones too!

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Our automated portfolio design and review services, X-ray reports, fund analyses, and recommendations keep your investments healthy and happy.

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Currently, through Financialclinic.in, you can invest in the mutual funds of all mutual fund houses in India. They have been listed below:

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