What is Financial Planning?

All of us have some dreams in life – be it buying a dream home, a car, children’s education, their marriage, travelling abroad for leisure, retirement, amongst host of others. In parlance to personal finance, all these are financial goals; because after all, along with emotions they carry a monetary value.

You see, for your dreams to convert into reality there’s no other alternative to effective planning.

Our experience narrates that many people often have infinite financial goals with limited income. They don’t know where to start from for achieving these goals and which path to follow. While being ambitious is good, it is vital that you know the path you’re travelling to, for you to reach the desired destination.

So, here comes financial planning which will help you to:

• Define and Prioritize your financial goals;
• Analyze where do you stand currently with respect to your current financial situation; and
• Provide a clear road map of how to achieve your financial goals.

What does a FinancialClinic.in provides you ?
Financial Clinnic provides a Comprehensive Financial Planning Service which includes:

• Assessing your Risk Profile
• Assessing your Contingency Requirement
• Assessing your Life Insurance Requirement
• Restructuring your Existing Loans
• Review of Existing Mutual Funds
• Review of Existing Insurance Policies (Both Life and General)
• Future Cash Flow Analysis
• Planning for Financial Goals such as House Purchase, Child Education, Child Marriage, Vacation, Retirement etc.
• Defining Asset Allocation for your Financial Goals
• Rebalancing of Portfolio
• Fresh Recommendation on Both Life and General Insurance Policies
• Fresh Investment Recommendation across different asset classes based on your risk appetite and time horizon
• Action Plan
• Transaction Assistance for implementation of your Financial Plan





Why you should choose Us for Financial Planning?

Financial Clinic is associated with “principal retirement Advisors pvt. ltd”.as a principal retirement planner and our main focus has always been:

  • Client First Philosophy
  • Full Confidentiality of all your financial data
  • Hand Hold you at any point of the financial planning process
  • Unbiased Recommendation backed by more than a decade long research experience
  • Full Disclosure of any kind of income we earn from you
  • Establishing a Long Term Relationship with you, rather than just a financial plan


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